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Extended Abstracts

How and Why the Calculus was Imported Into Europe (Abstract of talk at NIAS. Banaglore, Dec 2000)

Why Deduction is More Fallible than Induction: Ending the tyranny of Western Metaphysics in Mathematics and Science (Abstract of invited talk at Univ. of Shantiniketan, Dec 2004)

The Calculus: Its Indian Origins and Transmission to Europe Prior to Newton and Leibniz (Public talk at Univ. of Iowa, 7 October 2003)

The Indian Origin of the Calculus and its Transmission to Europe Before Newton and Leibniz. Part I Series Expansions and the Computation of  p. Part  II Lessons for Mathematics Education (Talks at Dept. of Math, Univ. of Auckland, 17, 18 October 2005)

Published Articles

Mathematics and Culture (Reprint in Philosophy of Mathematics Education, of article originally for D. P. Chattopadhyaya festschrift, ed. Daya Krishna and K. S. Murthy)

Computers, Mathematics Education and the Alternative Epistemology of the Calculus in the Yuktibhasa (Invited talk at 8th East-West Conference, Univ. of Hawaii, Jan 2000, in Philosophy East and West 51(3) (2001) pp. 325-62)

Section on history of calculus in the above article.

The Religious Roots of Mathematics (Draft of article in Theory, Culture and Society, 23(2-3) (2006) pp. 95--97, based on talk at the NUS, Singapore.)

The Religious Roots of Western Mathematics (Draft of article based on invited talk at JNU Seminar on Science and Spirituality, New Delhi, Feb 2006 (in Proceedings).

Non-Western Logic (Draft of article on "Logic" for Springer/Kluwer Encyclopedia of Non-Western Science, Technology and Medicine)

Math Wars and the Epistemic Divide in Mathematics (Proceedings of Episteme I, Goa, 2004, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai).


Indian Rope Trick: Rope vs Compass Box  

Good Bye Euclid!

Kamal (pages from Cultural Foundations of Mathematics)



P.S. Not belonging to a scriptural religious tradition, I do not privilege writings ("papers") over interactive oral discourse ("talks") with a live audience.

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