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Reviews of Cultural Foundations of Mathematics

1. from Ghadar Jari Hai (The Revolt Continues)

Just European ethnomathematics which the natives of Europe wrongly believe to be universal?

"It has been common understanding that mathematical proof based on deduction is universal and is the ultimate proof and also that mathematical truths are eternal universal truths. C K Raju argues that this is a narrow European view of mathematics and the Indian view was very different and empirical. Thus he has raised the important issue of cultural foundation of mathematics."

And a history written by religious bigots out to con the whole world?

"During the religious fanaticism of the Crusades, all secular world knowledge in Arab libraries up to the 11th c. was appropriated to the West by attributing it to the theologically correct “Greeks”."

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2. from Sandhan


End of Eurocentric history?


"This book brings new facts on the history of mathematics and science that if carried to its logical conclusions should transform our Eurocentric perceptions.  The author C.K. Raju comes to this task with an impeccable hands-down knowledge of science and technology.  He was a leading figure in the first supercomputer put together in Indiaat a time when the US banned supercomputer exports to India , the ideology of computing in mathematics being identical to the Indian ideology of mathematics which he posits."


"He notes that the suppression of ideas has a long history in Europe ."


A huge question mark on those Greek icons of science  

"Raju throws a harsh historical light on some of the legendary figures in the Greek tradition and comes out with a huge question mark."


Why the calculus was transmitted to Europe

"Raju details the transmission of aspects of the calculus from India into Europe .  This was in connection with the European navigational problem related to the determination of latitude, longitude and loxodromes."


Black Athena

"The parallel to this book that I can point out are the three volumes of Martin Bernal on Black Athena which first demonstrated the falseness of the premise that Greece was the fountain head of knowledge."


"The material presented in this volume by Raju would require a re-examination of much Western historiography of mathematics and science."

The rigged geopolitics of knowledge


"The acceptance of the facts presented by Raju would be hampered by the contours of the present rigged geopolitics of knowledge."

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Read more about just how coarsely the geopolitics of knowledge is rigged in "Learned" yellow journalism (Review of review). 

And the rigging goes on: Transmission of the transmission thesis.

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