Videos: C. K. Raju

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A tale of two calendars


Abstract Presentation

MIT: Calculus the real story




Indian Institute of Science: Calculus: ganita or math?



Ending academic imperialism: Tehran talk


Buddhism and science: Conversation with the Dalai Lama


Related article: Scientific temper in ancient India

Related article: Zeroism

Related article: Zeroism and calculus without limits

Berlin talk: Decolonising time

(Time at the interface of science and religion (how the use of Western misunderstanding of calculus forces the idea of superlinear time, time as the real line, contrary to fundamental beliefs of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, AND early Christianity)



Amsterdam talk: Decolonising mathematics (and 1+1=2)


Amsterdam: Interview on Euclid as a black woman, Gravevine TV

Related article: Was Euclid a black woman?

Decolonising math and science: panel discussion at University of Cape Town

Decolonising science: UCT Abstract

Decolonising science-Presentation part-1

Decolonising science-Presentation part-2

Decolonising science-Presentation part-3

Another video on Decolonising math and science at UCT

Part 2 of the panel here

Video of interaction with UCT students here

Meeting with Blackhouse Kollective, Soweto

"Western superstitions in science. Blog and poster of the meeting>

Durban keynote HEC11: Decolonising mathematics and science education


Major Article: Decolonising mathematics

Blog: Decolonising mathematics: discarding church myths and superstions

Related panel discussion: Univ. of Kwazulu Natal

Mathematics and Islam", interview, Pretoria, University of South Africa

Interview with Islamic TV on Decolonising mathematics, part 1 and 2

Related article: "Formal math as biased metaphysics">

Related article: "Islam and science"

Palestine: Campus in camps

Lima, Peru: Institute of Complex Thought, Univ. Ricrado Palma


The discovery of India

Presentation part 1,

part 2

Related article: Doctrine of Christian Discovery

Aix-en-Provence, France: Time, physics, history

Time, Physics, and History by belbernard

Penang: Reisting hegemony

Decolonising Our Universities - Fifth Session from TV Multiversity on Vimeo.

Penang: Decolonising our Universities: Decolonising math and science education

Interviews with Claude Alvares

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5: Interviews with students of the Decolonised History and Philosophy of Science Course

Short version: of interviews with Decolonised HPS students

Good bye Euclid! Part 1

Good bye Euclid! Part 2

Good bye Euclid! Part 3

Related blog and poster

Related article: Goodbye Euclid!

Calculus without limits cuorse: SGT University

Related facebook post

Inaugural session, National University of Journalism Bhopal

C-Programming Lecture 1

MH-370 Structural Failure? Press conference at Consumer Associaation, Penang

Not merely zero: India gave efficient math to the world

Talk at Nehru Memorial Musuem and Library


Telesio Galilei Award, Hungary

(Summary of Einstein's mistake and Atiyah's)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Text of acceptance speech

Jaipur Dialogues

Cultural Foundations of Education Policy (Jaipur 2019, inaugural)

Sanjay Dixit in Conversation with C. K .Raju

Ending academic imperialism (Jaipur 2018)